MicroSale is affordable for any budget. With flexible options to buy now, use as a subscription, or lease, you will find the solution you’ve been wanting at an affordable rate.

EMV Ready

MicroSale offers two solutions for EMV. Datacap, a software that allows you to process on 10+ platforms, and Pax software.

Sales On The Go

Use MicroSale’s ReportingAnywhere app to see live sales, voids, discounts, and to ensure your employees are clocking in on time.

 Improve effriciency with expertly designed screens that help users fly through orders

 Increase the bottom line with better cash control and advanced security access

 Track employee activity down each button pushed

 Attract more customers during slow hours/days with automatic happy hour pricing

  Experience better customer service with MicroSale’s 24/7 Call center



Point of sale systems designed to meet your needs.

Industry Proven

Carwash - Liquor Stores - Grocery Stores - Floral Shops - Delis - Convenience Stores
PC America Works on every retail area.


Scalable POS Software Built to grow as your business expands.

For Small Business

An Easy-To-Use POS that allows you to quickly process transactions, manage purchases and view sales.


Ring up sales with ease

Whether you need one register or more, eHopper POS works on Android tablets, iPad, PCs and the Poynt mobile terminal with support in offline mode. Spend more time on the floor driving sales, providing better customer service and processing payments quickly.

Save time on business operations

With the eHopper POS all-in-one business management system, you can cut back time spent on daily operations and back office tasks and promote efficiency within your business. Shorten your tasks and get more done during the day.

Access your data anytime, anywhere

Access reports instantly online, which are kept up-to-date in real time as you handle transactions and store operations. Check on your daily earnings, number of items sold, stock of inventory and order details. Make sure you are on top of your business operations.

POS All in One with Terminal Bundle Hardware

Bundle includes:

  • Samsung tablet Tab A
  • Heckler Design WindFall Stand
  • Cash Drawer
  • Star Micronics TSP143LAN Ethernet Receipt Printer
  • Cable for cash drawer
  • Socket Mobile 7Ci Barcode Scanner
  • Ethernet Cable

All-in-One POS

All-in-One POS Terminal with Printer and Touchscreen includes:

  • Fully Compatible with eHopper POS Software
  • 14-inch High Definition 1920 x1080, Capacitive Touch Screen
  • OctaCore CPU (8x 1,7 GHz), 16GB Nand Flash, 2GB RAM, MicroSD Slot
  • Integrated 80mm Receipt Printer
  • POS Stand
  • Multiple Ports and Optional Peripherals
  • Supports WIFI and Bluetooth Technology

eHopper POS paired with Poynt

The eHopper POS system is fully integrated with the Poynt mobile terminal.


The all-in-one POS terminal

eHopper is a complete POS solution for any small business with the Poynt terminal. It is a touch screen tablet, card reader, receipt printer and POS barcode scanner. The modern design includes a stand for easy operation and Ethernet support on a surface, allowing you to use it anywhere it is needed.

Portable POS system for small business

The Poynt handheld POS system allows you to handle customers and manage store operations with freedom. With integrated eHopper POS system you can charge bills right at the table with split payments and tips, ring up customers on the sales floor, or charge cards when serving meals from a truck.

The all-in-one POS terminal

With the Poynt wireless POS system, you can easily sync it with additional devices such as cash registers. WiFi access gives you the ability to do business and access reports anywhere you can find a signal. No need to look for an Ethernet connection, which can limit your mobility.