Clover® Products

Clover Station

Clover Station

Our most powerful countertop POS with pivoting touchscreen and stunning looks.

Clover Mini

Clover Mini

Accept swipe, EMV chip, and NFC payments (like Apple Pay) right out of the box.

Clover Flex

Clover Flex

The Clover® Flex helps you do business where your customers are. It’s ultra-portable, so it’s perfect for checking out in the aisle, at the table and at the counter.

Clover Go

Clover Go

Your go-to, smartphone-ready system for secure credit card swipes, dips and contactless payments.

Run Your Retail Space The Right Way.


You’ve poured yourself into your small business—from what you sell to what you stand for. And it’s not enough to just have a store that looks good on the outside. You still have to run a tight ship on the inside.

It processes every payment type reliably and securely, tracks inventory and sales, helps you with marketing and can even do your books. Does your register do that?


Safety first

Protect your business and your customer data with end-to-end encryption, data tokenization, and a locked-down operating system.

Get paid

From credit cards to debit cards, EMV chips or NFC payments like Apple Pay, Clover accepts a full suite of payment types.

Print and email receipts

Keep things moving at the register by printing or emailing customer receipts on the spot. Next, please.

Know your best customers

With Clover™, you’ll learn more about where and when they like to shop. Because Recognizing their faces isn’t enough.

Sell your stuff online

Put your business on the web with an online store that looks great, tells your story and drives more sales.

Manage your inventory

Clover™ lets you know what you need more of, exactly when you need it. You’ve got a lot going on every day. Keeping up with inventory is crucial.